About Us

Rodeo Gear Club was started in January 2018. The purpose of this website is to provide reliable reviews for consumers interested in buying horse products. When browsing your favorite tack and horse supplies webpages there is an obvious lack in reviews related to these products. Although, the product may be made by a reliable brand and from high quality material; how are you to know that it will fit your specific needs? The reviews provided are created from personal experience, collaboration from other product owners, and gathering all product information from the manufacturing company.

This website also publishes Pro Gear Articles. This is where you can see what equipment your favorite rodeo competitor is using on their road to success. Although we all know that many of these athletes are sponsored, you won’t find them using inferior equipment.

Rodeo Gear Club is able to continue website operations by participating in affiliate marketing and advertising. If you choose to buy one of the recommended products, we will receive a small commission through the seller. However, we never accept payments to promote a product; all reviews are genuine.

This website is operated by myself, Shelby Thompson. I live on a cattle ranch in Texas and have been been involved with horses and rodeo for about 22 years now. I have always been on the look out for better products for my horses and myself as a rider. As a long time horse owner I have invested in many products that could be called “busts” due to a lack of information available. It is my goal to provide the information to further educate consumers of horse products. Thank you for visiting Rodeo Gear Club .