Best Fly Sheets for Horses - Horse Fly Blanket Reviews for 2018

What are the Best Fly Sheets for Horses?

What are the best fly sheets for horses? If your needing some extra fly protection this year and don’t know where to start we have gathered some reviews for some of the best and some of the worst out there.

Fly sheets can be a little tricky considering the material they are made of and the need to get a perfect fit in order to keep those pesky flies off your horse.

Weatherbeeta Bugbeeta Detach Neck Fly Sheet Review

If you are willing to spend the extra money for a top of the line fly sheet Weatherbeeta has a great one!

Best Fly Sheets for Horses - Horse Fly Blanket Reviews for 2018

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Product details:

  • Equine fly sheets are usually made out of mesh as does this Weatherbeeta Fly Sheet, however this mesh is ultra thin in order to prevent even the smallest pest from bothering your horse.
  • This fly sheet also comes with a detachable neck that can be connected to a halter to ensure it stays in place.
  • The detachable belly band is also a great asset to keep the stomach area bug free, but is removable if you want it taken off.
  • Shoulder gussets are great for those thick heavily muscled horse that are usually bound up under sheets.
  • Fleece over the withers to prevent rubbing, as well as a nylon lined chest area.
  • A tail flap is also built into the sheet to ensure maximum coverage.

What we like about this blanket:

Weatherbeeta fly sheets are known for their quality, it is very unlikely that you will experience tearing under normal circumstances. This Weatherbeeta fly sheet offers absolute full coverage , you won’t find a sheet that can offer anything more than this one already does. We also really like the fact that this sheet is made in a way to fit a multitude of horses, after measuring for the correct size you can also let out the shoulder gussets for additional room. This particular sheet set also weighs under 2 pounds which along with the fine,  breathable mesh creates an ideal summer sheet! This fly sheet will run true to size, but make sure to get an accurate measurement before purchase.

Update: This fly sheet does have 20% Uv protection! It just keeps getting better and better!

What we don’t like about it:

Although, we are really fond of this sheet it’s important to be extremely critical in order to get all the details possible. With that being said, there are a few drawbacks to this sheet as well.  The first, is that the tail flap is not fleece-lined and has been said to rub the affected area bald on some horses. This is most likely the case for the horses that need flysheet protection for long periods of time. Lastly, the detachable neck is not very compatible with a fly mask. A halter is necessary to ensure that your horse is getting the maximum coverage, by attaching the neck straps to a halter.

One more thing to consider when looking for the best fly sheets for horses, is what you are willing to pay, although, this is an exceptional fly sheet, there are more moderately priced sheets out there if you are not in need of a maximum covered sheet.

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And Finally, we would absolutely recommend this sheet to anyone looking for a long-lasting maximum coverage fly sheet!

EOUS Action Fly Sheet (Best Fly Sheets for Horses)

Product Details:

  • Made out of 100% polyester mesh
  • 70% UV protection
  • Adjustable surcingles
  • Tail flap that is removable
  • Fleece-lined wither area
  • Rings for easy hood attachment
  • High arch shoulder gusset
  • Belly band

Finding the best fly sheets for horses is not hard to do, however finding a reasonably priced sheet that is quality made can take more time than most people want to give. For such a small price compared to some top of the line sheets, it’s wouldn’t be uncommon for a buyer to be wary of the EOUS Action Fly Sheet , but fortunately there is nothing to worry about!

What we like about this sheet:

First of all, the price is definitely an eye catcher, and because the fabric is 100% polyester mesh you won’t likely have to worry about tearing. The material is also very breathable to help diminish the chance of overheating and with 70% UV protection this sheet is an excellent choice to help dark haired horses from fading.  The shoulder gussets also allow this sheet to fit horses that are narrow as well as wide. Another great feature is this sheet offers a tail flap that can be removed when needed. And lastly this sheet offers an adjustable belly flap to provide extra protection for horses of all sizes.

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What we don’t like:

There’s not much to write for this equine fly sheet in the negative section, but a couple of notable finds include that although this sheet is adequately durable, it is not made to handle those horses that are really hard on their clothes. Also, this sheet runs just a tad small, so we recommend you to look at the sizing chart at Here before you commit to a purchase.

Lastly, if you have already purchased best fly sheets for horses please leave your review and if you have an questions about this product please comment below!

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