LubriSyn HA for Horses Review - LubriSyn HA Ingredients, Dosage

LubriSyn HA Joint Supplement for Horses Review

LubriSyn HA for horses is one of the most well known joint supplements. LubriSyn can be used on horses of all ages and work loads. Lubrisyn is commonly started on weanlings in Kentucky race barns for preventative measures. It is possibly one of the purest joint supplements available.

Can you get Lubrisyn in powder form?

LubriSyn is only available in liquid form. This is because the liquid is more readily absorbed into the horse’s joints. While most other joint supplements help protect the cartilage; LubriSyn supports the synovial fluid by providing naturally occurring (HA). Because of peak absorption in liquid form Lubrisyn can show results in a little as 7 days.

What are the active ingredients?

  • Hyaluronan

Hyaluronan (HA) is naturally occurring in our horse’s joints. When ingested in liquid the (HA) will  lubricate joints, cartilage, tendons and ligaments.

What is the difference between Lubrisyn and other joint supplements?

This is a completely separate product than Cosequin and Fluid Flex because Lubrisyn contains pure Hyaluronan, while these products contain glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate which protect the joint cartilage. Lubrisyn is special in that is actually supports the joint fluid that surrounds the cartilage which makes for a healthy, lubricated joint and a happy horse.

How often should Lubrisyn be administered?

Because foreign HA will only stay in the body for approximately 36 hours, Lubrisyn must be given every day. To speed up the initial effect, you can start with a loading dose which is equivalent to one ounce. The loading dose should be used for about one week, then it can be decreased to one half ounce.  The gallon size will also come with a pump that measures out one half ounce with each squirt.

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Is there proof that Lubrisyn works?

In 2004, a scholarly article was published in The Journal of Applied Nutrition which affirms that Lubrisyn contains the highest quality form of HA in the joint supplement market.

Is Lubrisyn allowed under competition drug testing?

Lubrisyn will not show on testing because it contains ingredients naturally occurring in the horse’s body. If you are competing in an event which requires no supplements be used; LubriSyn HA for horses may be discontinued before competition without a negative reaction.

Are there any storage requirements?

Like most liquid supplements, Lubrisyn must be kept at an appropriate temperature to avoid breakdown that can cause ineffectiveness.  Lubrisyn should be kept between 40 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit and must never be frozen.

What we like about LubriSyn HA for Horses

Aside from being incredibly effective, LubriSyn works differently than most other joint supplements. So, if the powders supplements just aren’t cutting it; you should definitely give this a try. There is also a scientific article to back up LubriSyn’s approach to joint health, titled “Will the Real HA Please Stand Up?”

Lubrisyn HA joint supplement is highly effective and a great asset in your supplement arsenal for competition horses.

Also, on a side note people may also benefit from using Lubrisyn. Human side effects are minimal such as upset stomach when taken on an empty stomach.

What we don’t like about it

LubriSyn HA for Horses Review - LubriSyn HA Ingredients, DosageThe effectiveness is definitely top-notch, but there are a couple of drawbacks including price and store room conditions.

The price equals about $1.25 a day, which is a little expensive compared to some of the other joint supplements available.  If you need the very best for your performance horse, you can’t do any better than LubriSyn. However, if you just need something to ease the achy joins for light riding you may be better of to try one of these joint supplements

Secondly, if you choose to use LubriSyn HA for horses it is very important to keep it stored in a climate-controlled area between 40 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit.  If the liquid becomes too hot or cold the acid will breakdown and become ineffective.  If you are not able to keep the liquid stored properly; a powdered joint supplement would be a better choice.

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