Sand Clear for Horses Review - Sand Colic in Horses Treatment

Sand Clear for Horses Review

Sand Clear for horses is a dietary supplement that lubricates the intestines to prevent compaction in the gut.

Sand Clear can be used as a sand colic treatment or sand colic preventative. The active ingredient, Psyllium, is used to build up a gel like substance in the gut which will aid the horse’s ability to pass sand and other ingested food.

In order to prevent sand colic in horses, you feed the supplement one week out of the month.

Active ingredients include:

  • Psyllium 102,250 mg / 5 oz

Inactive Ingredients:

  • Artificial Flavors
  • Mineral Oil
  • Natural Flavors
  • Propionic Acid

What is Colic in Horses?

Colic is a very common condition associated with horses. Many owners may never even know their horse is colicing during a mild case. Colic simply means abdominal pain, but it is typically caused by an impaction, gas blockage, or sand. Colic symptoms range from shifting uncomfortably, refusing to eat or drink, behaving lethargically; all the way to rolling spastically in a painful manor.

What is Sand Colic?

Horses tend to pick up quite a bit of dirt while they are grazing and especially when picking up feed that has been dropped onto the ground. Sand colic is particularly hard for the horse to get over because it does not become moist and break apart like feed does. For this reason, a horse may experience sand colic symptoms for several days before getting well. The only way for the horse to get over the sand colic is for it to pass the sand. This is why lubricating the gut is especially important.

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Sand colic remedies are pretty basic. It is essential to keep your horse from having to pick their feed up out of the dirt. Try to keep their teeth floated regularly to minimize spilled feed. Also make sure they are drinking a good amount of water; especially in the summer heat. Dehydration can be a cause of sand colic. Horses that are suffering with sand colic will see relief by taking Sand Clear, but it is most effective as a sand colic preventative.


Sand Clear for Horses Review - Sand Colic in Horses TreatmentSand Clear for horses not only prevents sand colic, but other digestive issues as well such as diarrhea and other forms of colic. Older horse can also benefit from Sand Clear, by reducing the amount of energy expended on digesting their food. This can keep weight up and improve energy levels.

Sand Clear for Horses Administration

Sand Clear is meant to be fed consistently for 7 days out of each month. This will keep the intestines lubricated until the next month. It is also very helpful to give your horse Sand Clear for several days before worming to prevent any potential issues. Sand Clear is safe for all ages of horse; even young foals, but has not been tested for pregnant mares, so please contact your veterinarian beforehand.


Sand Clear is an essential product to have in your barn for emergency situations even if you do not plan on using it consistently. Farnam is a trusted company in the horse industry; so you can feel secure giving your horse this supplement. It is also extremely cost effective because it only has to be fed one week out of the month. Sand Clear is also palatable for the horse and comes in an apple and molasses flavor.


Although Sand Clear for horses can be used during a colic crisis there is no guarantee that your horse will be able to pass the sand without to care of a veterinarian. Be sure and keep a close watch on your horse’s symptoms and know when to call for professional help.

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